LSB Members


The LSB is comprised of 18 Listener Representatives and 6 Staff (paid and unpaid) Representatives, who are elected by our members as specified in the Pacifica Bylaws.



Listener Representatives

Tony Leon (Vice-Chair)

Kathleen A Maloy

Sabooh Hikim (Chair)

Thomas M Blanton

Martha Peterson

Lucille Perez

Tim Willard

Craig Steven Hall

Vanessa Dixon

Thomas O'Rourke

Wayne Bruce

Donna Grimes

Nancy Sorden

Maskeelah Washington

Julie Hewitt

Eileen Rosin

Dennis Williams

Chuk Nixon

Marsha Coleman-Adebayo         

Staff Representatives


Arthur McCloud

Tony Leon

Jay Winter Nightwolf

Ron Pinchback

Craig Williams





Non-voting members:

Jerry Paris (General Manager)

Ellen Carter (Secretary)

Nick Arena (Treasurer)