LSB Members


The LSB is comprised of 18 Listener Representatives and 6 Staff (paid and unpaid) Representatives, who are elected by our members as specified in the Pacifica Bylaws.



Listener Representatives

Patrick Morrison

Anita Irene Adams

Sarah E. Brown

Bill Curtis

Vanessa Dixon-Briggs

Thomas M Blanton

Minerva Sanders

Adele M. Stan

Karen Briggs



Luci Murphy

Wanda Gnahoui

Donna Grimes

Arthur Hyland

Julie Hewitt

Wayne Bruce

Dennis Williams (Chair)

Yaw Frances

Eric Ramey

Staff Representatives

Ron Pinchback

Kamau Harris (Treasurer)

Sue Goodwin

Verna Avery-Brown

Violetta Diamond








Non-voting members:

Ellen Carter (Secretary)

Jerry Paris (General Manager)